Eight great reasons why Brigade LakeFront ends your search for the perfect apartment.


As post-modern day people of rationale and logic, there has to be a reason behind everything we do, and substance behind every decision we make. Here are weighty eight reason-substance combos that give Brigade LakeFront an enviable edge.

1. GoingGlobal

The apartments when ready will look truly international. From the large sized vitrified tile flooring to the laminate wooded flooring in the master bedroom, occupants will be literally floored! Top of the line chrome platted sanitary fittings and designer tiles are a few of the other Brigade touches that will put the style back into lifestyle.

2. FunFeatures

When it comes to features and amenities, no one does it better than the Brigade. From world class basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, fitness centres and cricket pitches, residents will be spoiled for choice.

3. RetireeRestee

While Bangalore may have lost its Pensioners Paradise title because of its rapid expansion and growth, Brigade LakeFront has made sure its senior residents have their own little slice of paradise – ample greenery, benches, walking paths and a senior citizens court.

4. ClubHub

The clubhouse is generously spread over 45000 sq ft..Every inch of it has been designed to appeal to your senses. From a rooftop swimming pool with a spacious sun deck, a billiards room, a gazing zone that promises hours of entertainment, table tennis, indoor badminton courts and a luxury salon and spa.

5. LakeShake

The rejuvenated Sitaramapalya Lake offers Brigade LakeFront residents a buffet of delights – jogging track, cycling track, benches, a children’s play area, different varieties of fish and a number of migratory birds that will use the lake as a pit stop.

6. OpperTunes

As in opportunities.With over 200 offices within close proximity of Brigade LakeFront, commuting to and from work is as easy as a pie. You can walk or cycle to work.Now organizing conferences, team meetings or training sessions are easy as there are tons of venues to choose from.

7. FoodieTopia

No more looking at food sites or apps to find eateries. So if you have a hankering for street food or for star dining, all you have to do is just step out of your home. Brigade Lakefront is located right in the centre of a thousand ‘eating out’ options..

8. SchoolCool

Parents no longer have to go school hunting in different corners of Bangalore for good schools as some of the best schools of all types are located near Brigade LakeFront. Your school going children will be thrilled to know that they no longer have to wake up early to catch their school bus or miss out on a big chunk of their playtime when they return.

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