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Added advantages of Brigade Lakefront…

There is a reason why Brigade LakeFront towers style and tile over other Whitefield projects. This 1200-apartment property, when complete, will offer residents 16 acres of clean breathing spaces and green canopies that provide a place to sit back and enjoy your success in the midst of nature.

45,000 sqft of a thoughtfully designed club!

In the heart of this 20-acre paradise lies the 45000 sq. ft Brigade LakeFront Clubhouse. Loaded with world-class amenities and features, the Clubhouse has something special for every resident. For the sporty types, Brigade LakeFront offers indoor badminton courts, table tennis, a fully loaded games zone, a billiards room and a quiet corner for the yoga enthusiasts.

At last you have someone to help you stay fit!

The Clubhouse boasts its very own Spa and Salon. Treat yourself to a Swedish, Aromatherapy or Ayurvedic massage all performed by professionally trained masseuses. Men and women will have their individual saloons.

Every day provides you with an exquisite rejuvenating retreat!

For the booklovers, Brigade LakeFront will have its very own well-stocked library featuring a wide range of books – children’s classics, thrillers, romance, historical and professional books.

Imagine, even your rainy daysare covered!

The Clubhouse offers an exquisitely designed multipurpose and party hall that can comfortably sit 200 guests. Ideal for a Golden anniversary or a Disney-themed children’s party.

The venue is perfect; you just go ahead and plan a great party!

When complete, Brigade LakeFront will have its very own departmental store. No toe-stamping or elbow jostling crowds and tedious hunts for parking space at busy supermarkets. Weep no more - grocery shopping will never be a chore again.

In Brigade LakeFront, you’ll always have time for a cuppa. Whether you want to chitchat with your neighbours or meet your friends, our coffee house promises to offer you good coffee and great snacks.

Smell the roses and sip your coffee.

LakeFront residents will have access to their very own ATM. No more hunting for ATMs near work or while shopping. Now that you have your very own 24-hour ATM, you can withdraw money anytime you need it.

Considering money makes the world go round…

For those who want more from life, it doesn’t get any better than Brigade LakeFront.

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