One of the drawing factors of Brigade LakeFront is the lovely regenerated Lake Sitarampalya – healing waters and apartment owners’ delight!


Can a lake die?

Yes it can, and this one almost did.

Lake Sitarampalya was on the verge of extinction. Gradually drying up due to lack of attention and cleansing, the little that was left of it began to be used as a dumping ground into which residents, shop owners and various passersby began to deposit garbage and debris.

It was not long before the area became a breeding ground for rodents and mosquitoes.

That was till Brigade Group, as part of its corporate social responsibility, got together with Tropical Research Development Centre and gave new life to the perishing water body.

Magnificent make-over…

  • The first step was removing several tons of debris in the lake and its surrounding areas
  • Then came the pitching of bunds to help capture water and ensure it stays within the lake area and does not seep out
  • Next, was to put pipes or a crack dams in place to check if there is any seepage. The banks were then pitched with dry stone along the periphery to help arrest any seepage
  • This was followed by work on clearing the two existing feeder channels and creation of a third channel began with great caution to ensure that no seepage from the surrounding areas was directed into the lake
  • 23.37 acres of the lake area has been restored and the current capacity of the lake has been surged up from 9,197 litres to 13,692 litres. Nu-algae was put into the new water body, to reduce rogue weeds as well as the nitrate activity that caused it so much basin-burn. Pollution was replaced by the much-missed population – of fishes; 25,000 of them (5000 of 5 different varieties); Over 1,500 saplings were planted in the bund area to encourage flora and fauna to thrive and a separate area was created within the lake premises to attract migratory birds and sure enough they have begun to show up.

The revival cost totaled to approximately Rs 1.5 crore which, judging from the excited public reaction, has been money well spent. After the job well done, it is all set to be handed over to the Bangalore Development Authority.

It was more than revival, it has been regeneration!

A treat for residents and apartment-owners…

Like icing on the proverbial cake is the paved jogging track of 300 to 400 metres lacing the lake; happy couples amble along even as the walkway has culminated into a play area for children.

Joyous laughter all around and the chirping of birds in the 2000 trees planted all around her, with an artificial island created within the lake.

At last! Sitarampalya has now got a lake that’s got what it takes!

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